Continuing Education for Mental Health Professionals

Earn continuing education hours while practicing self-care?
Yes! What a great idea! The helper needs help, too!

Mental health clinicians experience a high level of compassion fatigue and burnout due to the nature of their profession. But what can they do about it?

How does this sound? You could attend a day of self-care: relaxation, meditation, yoga, mindfulness exercises and more, all while earning required continuing education hours for your license.

Will you take the time to fill yourself back up? Will you make yourself a priority, just like you tell your clients to do every day? Will you rejuvenate your soul so you can be the best clinician your clients need you to be?

Healing the healer allows your cup to over-flow, which means you actually have something to give.

Come get filled up!

Journey with us to a place of rejuvenation. You have to get your CE hours anyway…why not do so in an environment that supports and encourages relaxing, resting, stretching, and loving yourself.

Click here (or call 678.902.4111) for more information and to register.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a healing space where clinicians receive education, support for personal and professional growth, and the skills necessary to live a life worth living.  Clinicians require an extra dose of self-care. We provide the solace needed to implement daily practices that restore peace and calm through mindfulness and the art of self-care. Come visit us in Atlanta, GA!

Click here (or call 678.902.4111) for more information and to register.